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Premier offers customer care and patient support call center teams for medical devices, OTC pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, hospitals, member services for health insurers and associations, weight management and environmental organizations. We can provide live agent healthcare call center teams based on your desired hours of operation including 24/7.


At Premier we are deeply committed to building healthcare and patient support call centers that meet all your customers' needs. When customers reach out to resolve problems, obtain technical assistance, learn more about specific products or services, or take advantage of special promotions we engage with passion, sensitivity and recognition that every customer’s issue is important and valued.  


Whether your customers contact us by phone, fax, mail, e-mail, or chat, we respond with unique professionalism that clearly reflects how much value you place on your customers' business. 

  • We provide voice prompting and IVR support to encourage self service and route calls to agent skill sets. 

  • Calls and screens can be recorded and accessible for quality assurance and verification purposes. 

  • All monitored calls are entered into our monitoring system, scored and tracked assuring agent adherence.

  • WRB utilizes a third party training platform to track all training modules and updates. Changes or updates to materials require signoffs by each agent as a compliance measure.

  • Post contact letters, refunds, literature requests and other information can be mailed by our fulfillment center or sent via email or fax.

It is our relentless pursuit of excellence that creates the kind of positive customer experiences which in turn encourage brand loyalty and drive product sales. Our healthcare call center solutions and services ensure our clients’ customers receive accurate and immediate product information.


Patient-Facing Contact Management

One of Premier’s Healthcare clients had an issue with cancelled appointments rescheduling leading to missed revenues and potential unproductive Physician time. Premier in response modified their Call Center to create a “PATIENT-FACING CONTACT MANAGEMENT” solution designed to handle appointment rescheduling and maximize doctor productivity.​

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